Listen to the Whispers

Humans are intuitive beings, we are guided by our sixth sense, that gut feeling that steers us one way or another. This feeling comes from the unconscious mind, that vast resource, hidden away that has more power over us than we realise. We instinctively know when we have made a good or a bad decision, or when someone makes us feel comfortable or uneasy.

Our life speaks in whispers, nudging us forwards and warning us when we are heading offtrack. That voice inside us is always there with its wisdom, guiding us, trying to keep us safe, but can we hear it? When the demands of life build up and stress steals in and takes over, or when we simply spend too much time keeping our mind occupied with the latest and greatest on social media or the addictive thrill of the internet, those whispers can go unheard.

If things feel ‘off’ or that you are no longer making good decisions, or any decisions, remember to find some quiet time to just be, and to reconnect with that inner wisdom.

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