About Me

Lucy Brown

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and primal health coach, based in Tetbury in the beautiful Cotswolds. Solution focused hypnotherapy helped me through a difficult period of my life, reducing my stress and anxiety, enabling me to think more clearly, make decisions and sleep better. I came out the other side as a stronger, more confident and happier person.

However, as I was getting older, I was increasingly suffering from a lack of stamina and energy as a result of Hashimotos Disease (an autoimmune thyroid disease), and the lingering effects of the M.E./CFS that I had had in my twenties, following glandular fever. I became determined to regain my vitality.

I went down many avenues without seeing any benefit. Then I was introduced to the ketogenic diet, and as I learnt about its effects on the body, I quickly realised that it could be just what I needed. Up to that point I had been an avid consumer of carbohydrates, mostly whole grains, and regularly had mood and energy dips when I was hungry. It was now starting to dawn on me that this could in fact be a clue to resolving my issues.

I had a coach who kept me on track and motivated, and 5 months on I completed a 5km run, something previously beyond my wildest dreams…and, crucially, there were no after effects. The improvements continued and I now mainly eat a low carb/primal diet, with periods of keto when I feel like it.

This transformation and its wide reaching implications for my future left me in no doubt that I wanted to help others struggling in a similar way, and training as a primal health coach was the obvious next step for me. I knew that solution focused hypnotherapy and its positive effects on mindset, and the extraordinary benefits of primal health coaching, would be a winning combination for lasting wellbeing.

I did my hypnotherapy training at the renowned Clifton Practice in Bristol, and my health coaching at the Primal Health Coach Institute, which leads the way in ancestral health. I am fully insured, and a registered member of AfSFH & NCH, adhering to their strict policies regarding the collection and storage of data, as well as their requirements for continued professional development and supervision.

I am also an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration (https://phcuk.org). The PHC is a national charity dedicated to improving the health of the nation and helping the NHS through better lifestyle information.

When I’m not working, I enjoy country walks, doing primal workouts, playing tennis, gardening and driving cars from the eighties, preferably those with pop up headlights!