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Listen to the Whispers

Humans are intuitive beings, we are guided by our sixth sense, that gut feeling that steers us one way or another. This feeling comes from the unconscious mind, that vast resource, hidden away that has more power over us than we realise. We instinctively know when we have made a good or a bad decision, …

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Stress Hormones Two Ways

I got back late yesterday evening from spending a few days with my parents who both suffer significantly with degenerative conditions. I always feel reflective and sad after seeing them, as well as concerned for their future, so it was no surprise that I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning with my brain in …

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Nursing a Grudge

I’ve been reading the wonderful ‘Gilead’ by Marilynne Robinson, and I was struck by the contemplations of the narrator : ‘I have always liked the phrase ‘nursing a grudge,’ because many people are tender of their resentments, as of the thing nearest their hearts.’ It brought to mind a metaphor which I use in my …

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A Relaxed Mind is a Sponge

It was hypnotherapy supervision day yesterday, a monthly get together with my much admired supervisor and supportive peers to share ideas and insights. As ever there was great banter and our supervisor’s self-deprecating humour had us in stitches. The discussions left me buzzing and reflective. Driving home I listened to my new Audible download, ‘Michel …

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Simple But Genius

In the build up to the end of my marriage, a time of acute anxiety and stress, I received a lot of well meaning advice. I couldn’t always take this advice, and it’s obvious when you think about it. As individuals, what would work for one person is not always appropriate for someone else. At …

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