Overcome anxiety and unwanted fears and habits; improve your mindset and sleep; lose weight and achieve your health and fitness goals; address autoimmune and hormone issues; reduce inflammation and increase your vitality… hypnotherapy and health coaching available online and in clinic in Cirencester, Malmesbury and Swindon.

“Seeing Lucy has been the single best thing I have ever undertaken for my wellbeing.”

“My weight has steadily fallen and so far I have lost 5 stone. I feel happy and confident for the first time in years. I can’t thank Lucy enough and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”

“I can honestly say that with your help, I am a different person. I no longer have crippling anxiety and lack confidence. I have set myself goals that I wouldn’t have considered before and I’ve reached them.”

“I am now equipped to continue life with a positive outlook and confidence. Whatever the future holds, I now have the tools to be able to take control and find solutions! I can’t thank you enough.”

Would You Like to Get Back in Control?

Your health, performance and sense of fulfilment are directly affected by your outlook and attitude, as well as by your diet and lifestyle. I use solution focused hypnotherapy and health coaching, separately and together, to empower you to achieve your vision of wellbeing.


Overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight issues, fears and phobias, motivation, panic attacks, smoking, fertility issues, confidence, IBS, PTSD, exam stress and more, in a supportive, client-led and forward-focused environment.

Health Coaching

A supportive environment in which you can achieve health and fitness goals, as well as reducing stress and improving sleep and your general sense of wellbeing.

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